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Pastor Jim Moon 11/01/14 "Fear Factor: Beyond Ebola"

Bob McAlpine 10/25/14 "Crazy Love: Yearn"

Pastor Jim Moon 10/11/14 "Crazy Love: How Can I Let You Go?" 

Pastor Jim Moon 10/04/14 "Crazy Love: Break Up" 

Pastor Jim Moon 09/27/14 "Crazy Love: Like a Morning Cloud"

Pastor Jim Moon 09/20/14 "Crazy Love: As Sure as the Sunrise-Closing Remarks" (4:00 minutes) 

Pastor Jim Moon 09/20/14 "Crazy Love: As Sure as the Sunrise"

Pastor Jim Moon 09/13/14 "Crazy Love: He Isn't Safe, but He's Good"

Pastor Jim Moon 09/06/14 "Crazy Love: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You"

Mike James 08/30/14 "Who is Mike James?"

Pastor Jim Moon 08/23/14 "Crazy Love: God in Pain"

Bob McAlpine 08/16/14 "Crazy Love: An Alluring Punishment"

Pastor Jim Moon 08/09/14 "Crazy Love: Reckless Raging Fury"

Pastor Jim Moon 08/02/14 "Crazy Love"

Jimmie Walker 07/26/14 "Why Art Thou Come to the Kingdom

Bob McAlpine 07/19/14 "The Seeker and the Sought" 

Pastor Jim Moon 07/12/14 "A Brown Bag Blessing"

Pastor Jim Moon 07/05/14 "The Perfect Time to Skip Church"

Pastor Jim Moon 06/28/14 "Step by Step: Just Ask"

Pastor Jim Moon 06/21/14 "Step by Step: Ready"

Pastor Jim Moon 06/14/14 "Step by Step: In the Heat of the Day"

Pastor Jim Moon 06/14/14 "Step by Step: In the Heat of the Day" (Intro to Sermon 6:55)

Pastor Jim Moon 06/07/14 "Step by Step: Search Me, Know Me"

Bob McAlpine 05/31/14 "Step by Step: Sorry Enough to Quit"

Pastor Jim Moon 05/24/14 "Step by Step: Mustard Seeds and Mountains" (Audio begins at 19 seconds)

Pastor Jim Moon 05/17/14 "Life Lessons" (Perry Farewell)

Pastor Jim Moon 05/10/14 "Give Us a Crummy Church"

Pastor Jim Moon 05/03/14 "Step by Step: Things Are Not Always as They Seem"

Pastor Jim Moon 04/26/14 "The Gospel According to My Enemies: The Rose" (Prayer Testimony-Nikki Hudnall)

Pastor Jim Moon 04/12/14 "The Gospel According to My Enemies: The Son is a Slave"

Pastor Jim Moon 04/05/14 "The Gospel According to My Enemies: Somewhere in the San Juans"

Bob McAlpine 03/29/14 "The Gospel According to My Enemies: He Didn't Know What He Was Saying"

Pastor Jim Moon 03/22/14 "The Gospel According to My Enemies: What You Meant for Evil"

Bob McAlpine 03/08/2014 "Being Honest with Becky"
Bob McAlpine 03/01/2014 "Everlasting Love and the Wounds of an Enemy"

Pastor Jim Moon 02/22/2014 "You Shall Call Me Father"

Bob McAlpine 02/15/2014 "Daring Greatly: Colandar Christianity"

Pastor Jim Moon 02/08/2014 "Leading from the Prayer Closet" (Prayer Testimony-Casey Martinez)

Pastor Jim Moon 02/01/2014 "Religious Liberty"

Pastor Jim Moon 01/26/2014 "FastTrack:Rewind"

Pastor Jim Moon 01/18/2014 "FastTrack:Slow is Fast"

Bob McAlpine 01/11/2014 "FastTrack:BUD/S"

Pastor Moon & Robert Moon 10/19/2013 "Between the Mountain and the Multitude"

Pastor Jim Moon 10/12/2013 "Walk Away and Pray"

Casey Martinez 10/05/2013 "My Story"

Pastor Jim Moon 09/28/2013 "Repent, the Kingdom is at Hand"

Pastor Jim Moon 09/14/2013 "Next Steps"

Diana Fish 09/05/2013 "Saved from Suicide"

Oscar Lara 8/31/2013 "Blessing Beyond Borders"  

Pastor Jim Moon, 07/27/2013 "One in Ten"

Pastor Jim Moon, 07/20/2013 "Dim Eyes and Brighter Blessings, PT 2"

Pastor Jim Moon, 07/06/2013 "Dim Eyes and Brighter Blessings, PT 1"

Pastor Jim Moon 6/12/2013 "The Keystone Habit"

Pastor Jim Moon 5/11/2013 "Unless You Go With Us"

Pastor Jim Moon 5/4/2013 "Coats and Palms"

Pastor Jim Moon 4/27/2013 “I AM the Resurrection and the Life”

Pastor Jim Moon 4/20/2013 “Let Me Die”

Pastor Jim Moon 4/13/2013 “A Miracle in our Midst”

Casey Martinez 4/6/2013 “Have You Ever been on Trial?”

Pastor Jim Moon 3/23/2013 “Take Up Your Mat”

Bob McAlpine 3/16/2013 “A Nobleman’s Testimony”

Pastor Jim Moon 3/9/2013 “My Hour Has Not Yet Come”

Pastor Jim Moon 3/2/2013 “Wine Before His Time”

Robert Moon 2/18/2013 “The Joy and Expectations of Discipleship”

Pastor Jim Moon 2/2/2013 “Speak Joy”

Pastor Jim Moon 1/26/2013 “Steamy Mirrors and Dee Dah Days”

Pastor Jim Moon 1/19/2013 “I Prayed for You”

Pastor Jim Moon 1/5/2013 “Walking with Jesus in His Word”

Pastor Don Sales 12/29/2012 “His Hand is Holding You”

Pastor Jim Moon 12/22/2012 “Looking for the Lamb”

Pastor Jim Moon 12/15/2012 “Finding Your Voice”

Pastor Jim Moon 11/24/2012 “How Will I Know?”

Pastor Jim Moon 11/10/2012 “Perfecting Patience”

Pastor Jim Moon 11/6/2012 “A Deeper Healing”

Bob McAlpine 10/27/2012 “Not Until You Bless Me”

Pastor Jim Moon 10/6/2012 “Embracing Grief and Loss”

Pastor Jim Moon 09/29/2012 "The Gift of Limits"

Pastor Jim Moon 09/22/2012 "Breaking the Power of the Past"

Bob McAlpine 09/15/2012 "Dirty Handprints on a White Robe"

Pastor Jim Moon 09/08/2012 "Search Me O God"

Pastor Jim Moon 08/11/2012 "No More Shame"

Pastor Jim Moon 07/21/2012 "Blow the Trumpet"

Pastor Jim Moon 07/14/2012 "Tell Your Children"

Pastor Jim Moon 06/30/2012 "Red Moons and Renewed Hearts"

Pastor Jim Moon 06/23/2012 "Being"

Pastor Jim Moon 05/26/2012 "Second Chance Savior"

Pastor Jim Moon 05/05/2012 "Remnant Material"

Pastor Jim Moon 04/14/2012 "Love Song of a Savior"

Pastor Jim Moon 03/10/2012 "The Testimony of Jesus Is..."

Bob McAlpine, 02/04/2012 "The Problem with Revenge"

Pastor Jim Moon, 01/28/2012 "Thy Will Be Done"

Bob McAlpine, 01/14/2012 "Hands Up"

Pastor Jim Moon, 01/07/2012 "Tune My Heart"

Pastor Jim Moon, 12/31/2011 "Forward on Our Knees: Compassionate Conviction"

Bob McAlpine, 12/24/2011 "The Legacy of the Promise"

Pastor Jim Moon, 12/17/2011 "The Hope of the Promise"

Pastor Jim Moon, 12/10/2011 "The Experience of the Promise"

Pastor Jim Moon, 12/3/2011 "The Place of the Promise"

Pastor Jim Moon, 11/26/2011 "The Name of the Promise"

Pastor Jim Moon, 11/19/2011 "Two Words that Can Change Your Life"

Pastor Jim Moon, 11/12/2011 "Worship the Judge, Part 2"

Pastor Jim Moon, 11/5/2011 "Worship the Judge, Part 1"

Bob McAlpine, 10/29/2011 "Cancer of the Month"

Pastor Jim Moon, 10/22/2011 "Anger Issues and The End of the World"

IHP Prayer Conference, 10/15/2011 "Prayer Stories"

Pastor Jim Moon, 10/8/2011 "At the Heart of the Matter"

Pastor Jim Moon, 10/1/2011 "Pray Through" 

Tonya Hance, 09/17/2011 "Step Into the Light"

Mrs. Perry, 09/10/2011 "Lessons on Christian Education"

Pastor Jim Moon, 09/03/2011 "God of the Grieving"

Pastor Jim Moon, 08/27/2011 "Your Way O Lord is in the Sanctuary"

Pastor Jim Moon, 08/20/2011 "Make Your Calling Sure"

Nathan Cranson, 08/13/2011 "Work of a Priest"
Pastor Jim Moon, 07/30/2011 "Towers and Tents"
(Please note that this sermon starts 15 seconds into the recording)

Pastor Jim Moon, 07/23/2011 "Burden Bearer"

Pastor Jim Moon, 07/09/2011 "One Law"

Pastor Jim Moon, 07/02/2011 "What About the End"

Greg Abston & Don Kanen, 06/25/2011 "Filled to the Brim"

Alamosa Women of Faith, 06/11/2011 "Believe Him to Be Big"

Pastor Don Sales, 06/04/2011 "He Leadeth Me"

Pastor Jim Moon, 05/28/2011 "Which Way: My Way or Thy Way?"

Pastor Jim Moon, 05/21/2011 "Which Way: Before the War"

Pastor Jim Moon, 05/14/2011 "Which Way: Up or Down?"

Alamosa Church Family, 05/07/2011 "Thank You Ande and Bob"

Pastor Jim Moon, 04/30/2011 "Glory Rising as the Spirit Falls"

Pastor Jim Moon, 04/23/2011 "Glory Rising From the Tomb"

Pastor Jim Moon, 04/16/2011 "Glory Rising at the Cross"

Eslin Garcia, 04/02/2011 "Forgiveness is Here"

Pastor Jim Moon, 03/26/2011 "Compelled by Love: Record Breaker"

Pastor Jim Moon, 03/19/2011 "Compelled by Love: Repentant and Renewed"

Pastor Jim Moon, 03/12/2011 "Compelled by Love: Be Reconciled to God"

Karen Cress, 03/05/2011 "The Woman at the Well"

Pastor Jim Moon, 02/26/2011 "The Only Way of Life"

Pastor Jim Moon, 02/19/2011 "Let Your Deeds do the Talking"

Pastor Jim Moon, 02/12/2011 "Dirty Work"

Pastor Jim Moon, 02/05/2011 "Like a Child"

Pastor Jim Moon, 01/29/2011 "What Every Servant Must Know"

Pastor Jim Moon, 01/22/2011 "Choose Ye"

Pastor Jim Moon, 01/15/2011 "Lavish Love"

Pastor Jim Moon, 01/01/2011 "Let the Children Come"

Pastor Jim Moon, 12/18/2010 "Why Not Me"

Pastor Jim Moon,  10/23/2010  "He Has Blessed Your Children"

Andrea Cherny,  10/16/2010   "Love Others As I Have Loved You"

Pastor Jim Moon,  9/25/2010  "Courage Before Kings"

Pastor Jim Moon,  9/18/2010  "Bear Fruit in Keeping With Repentance"

Pastor Jim Moon,  9/11/2010  "Behold The Lamb"

Pastor Jim Moon,  9/4/2010  "Prepare The Way"

Pastor Jim Moon,  8/28/2010  "Keep Them In Your Name"
(due to an equipment malfunction there is a "break" at 24:45, sorry for the inconvenience!)

Cliff Heide,  8/21/2010  "I Have Manifest Your Name"

Pastor Jim Moon,  8/14/2010  "Whatever You Ask"

Pastor Jim Moon,  8/7/2010  "Abide In Me"

Pastor Jim Moon,  7/31/2010  "Help Is On The Way"

Pastor Jim Moon,  7/17/2010  "Give Your Talents"

Pastor Jim Moon,  7/10/2010  "Give Your Touch"

Pastor Jim Moon,  7/3/2010  "Give Your Talk"

Pastor Jim Moon,  6/26/2010  "Give Your Time"

Pastor Jim Moon, 6/19/2010  "Give Your Treasure"

Pastor Jim Moon, 6/12/2010  "Give Your Trust"

Pastor Jim Moon,  6/5/2010  "Benediction"

Cliff Heide,  5/29/2010  "A Better Law"

Patricia Perry,  5/22/2010  "A Better Mountain"

Don and Greg,  5/15/2010  "A Better Focus"

Eric VanIwaarden,  5/8/2010  "A Better Way"

Pastor Jim Moon,  5/1/2010  "A Better Endurance"

Pastor Jim Moon,  4/24/2010  "A Better Sacrifice"

Pastor Jim Moon,  4/17/2010  "A Better Tabernacle"

Pastor Jim Moon,  4/10/2010  "A Better Covenant"

Pastor Jim Moon,  4/3/2010 "A Better King"

Pastor Jim Moon,  3/27/2010  "Inheritance"

Pastor Don Sales,  3/20/2010  "Small Things"

Eric VanIwaarden,  3/13/2010  "A Better High Priest"

Pastor Jim Moon,  3/6/2010  "A Better Rest"

Pastor Jim Moon,  2/27/2010  "A Better Moment"

Pastor Jim Moon,  2/20/2010  "A Better Hero"

Pastor Jim Moon,  2/13/2010  "A Better Savior"

Pastor Jim Moon,  2/6/2010  "A Better Message" 

Pastor Jim Moon,  1/30/2010  "Better Than Angels"                      

Pastor Jim Moon,  1/23/2010  "Take, Eat:  Praying the Word"

Pastor Jim Moon,  1/16/2010  "Take, Eat:  Prayer"

Pastor Jim Moon and Paul Pellandini,  1/9/2010  "Take, Eat:  Memorizing Scripture"

Pastor Jim Moon,  1/2/2010  "Take, Eat: Life Journaling"